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Send Bulk SMS to Improve Customer Engagement.

Using automated, personalized, and interactive Bulk SMS and Short codes, customize your business communication to develop strong customer relationships through mobile SMS marketing.

Savvy bulk SMS delivers Premium SMS service to subscribers for a modest cost for opt-in sms services (such as love quotes, inspirational messages, news and alerts).

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Bulk SMS services in Kenya

Bulk SMS Service

We provide the cheapest bulk SMS services in Kenya

Bulk SMS Kenya

Bulk SMS refers to the sending of huge numbers of SMS, usually for business purposes, such as transactional bulk SMS or promotional bulk SMS.

Text messages that are tailored and targeted might help you connect with your customers.

Bulk SMS is the most effective way to communicate with your customers, as it has the highest read rate.

Bulk SMS marketing messages, service alerts, and important notifications are all possible.


Our bulk SMS gateway provides a number of SMS APIs that developers may use to create applications and tools that communicate with it.

Many Kenyan businesses and organizations prefer to use a basic and straightforward bulk SMS API.

To connect, transmit, and receive text messages with their existing corporate systems and applications in a seamless manner.


Create your own USSD app and use it to communicate with your customers over the phone.

Text is sent between a mobile phone and a network application software using USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data).

Integrate with our user-friendly USSD API to provide your consumers with effective solutions.

Short codes

For text message marketing and business communication, Savvy bulk SMS Short codes are five unique digits assigned to a company entity.

Short codes allow you and your customers to communicate in two directions for free or for a fee.

Unique sender ID

The Savvy Bulk SMS Sender ID can be up to 11 characters long and is used to associate your messages with your company's identity.

Savvy bulk SMS is the default sender ID that you get when you activate your account, and it allows you to send SMS to your clients right away. You can use your company name as your Business SMS Sender ID.

Apply for your own Sender ID that matches your company's brand and start sending messages to your consumers right away.

 Bulks SMS Services in Kenya

Uses of Short code messaging in Kenya:

Uses of Short code messaging in Kenya
  1. The process of generating leads - Use two-way messaging to conduct surveys and create leads from the data acquired through bulk SMS responses.
  2. SMS marketing on mobile phones - Use Promotional Bulk SMS to keep your customers informed about new stock, discounts, giveaways, and coupons.
  3. Enroll in SMS marketing initiatives - Sending Savvy bulk SMS will save you money, time, and get you more direct responses, whether you're mobilizing votes, people, or ideas.
  4. Orders are being tracked - Allow your consumers to track their orders while they are being shipped.
  5. Surveys - Savvy bulk SMS A2P (application-to-person) messaging software allows you to conduct surveys utilizing automated message at a minimal cost.
  6. Confirmation and Reminders - Savvy's short code message service can be used to remind and confirm online orders.

Bulk SMS Features

With these eight efficient bulk SMS features in large and small firms, you'll learn how to employ bulk SMS marketing and retain rapport.

Branding SMS

Bulk SMS messages are sent using your company's name eg. SAVVY rather than a phone number. This not only ensures the integrity of the information, but it also helps to promote the business.

Long Messages

Send long sms messages up to 850 characters to make the most of bulk sms messages.

Fraud Detection

Using SMS OTP Authentication, Transactional SMS, and Business Text Messaging, you can detect fraudulent transactions.

Access Everywhere:

Bulk SMS is available as an online service, similar to Facebook or Yahoo Mail, so you may use it from anywhere in the globe as long as you have an Internet connection.

Bulk SMS Scheduling

You can send your bulk SMS text messages at a later date and time by scheduling them. This functionality can be used to set up appointment, meeting, or event reminders

Delivery Reports

Get accurate and detailed Bulk SMS reports on the delivery status of all bulk SMS messages sent.

Multiple Account Users

To assist you in managing your bulk SMS account, you can add users or agents.

Personalised Text

Address your customers by name, inserting any information you have about them into a personalized SMS message.

Bulks SMS Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS in Kenya is a communication channel that lets an individual or business get their messages across cheaply and effectively. Starting from KSh 0.3 per SMS you can compose and send urgent /important message in bulk from wherever you are in the world.

The following are the simple steps that one would take to send bulk SMS in Kenya with Savvy bulk sms.

  • Start by registering for bulk SMS services here
  • Then buy sufficient Bulks SMS bundles, you can buy any number of sms units ranging from 625 to over a million sms unit.
  • On your bulk sms dashboard, access the address book which contains your contacts' mobile numbers.
  • Compose a new message and then select recipients of the message from the address book.
  • You can opt to schedule you SMS messaging or just hit send straight away and you message will be sent to all your recipients within a couple of seconds, almost instantaneously

To know how much bulk SMS costs, look no further than Savvy bulk sms, as a No.1 bulk SMS service provider

company in Kenya, we offer the best SMS costing model unlike others players in the industry. Starting from KSh 0.4 per SMS and a minimum of 625 SMS to anywhere above 1 million, your business is well on its way to exceed customer expectations and improve sales as well as customer retention.

At Savvy bulk sms we aim to make bulk SMS messaging as easy as 123. Our bulk SMS gateway is the best and most powerful bulk SMS sending platform in Kenya, tested and proven. We manage over 15+ million API calls on a daily basis and our clients send over 50+ million SMS per month. We are proud to be the leading bulk SMS provider in Kenya. However don’t take our world for it. You can test the effectiveness and performance of our bulk SMS gateway. To test our bulk SMS platform register here for 50 free test units.

To successfully send an SMS message whether to a single recipient or multiple recipient an SMS gateway is required to make it possible to send and receive SMS messages to and from the telecommunication networks both local and international using a computer. Savvy bulk SMS will seamlessly integrate bulk SMS API with your application thereby allowing you to send SMS message through our SMS gateway. Leverage. Therefore you need an sms gateway to send bulk sms messages.

While the standard length of an SMS message is 160 characters, using our bulk SMS platform you can send long text messages of upto 850 characters per message and your recipients on the other end will receive your text as a single long SMS with the intended message. Having a long text messaging feature in our bulk SMS service is a critically important for business to communicate accurately and concisely.

While sending a message, you can select a single contact or multiple contacts from your mobile contacts. Alternatively, you can import the phone contacts using excel or CSV file to form a contact group within Savvy bulk SMS platform. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1: Log in to your account confirm you have enough SMS/credits if not purchase using our Pay bill which will automatically credit your account.

Step 2: If you have not uploaded contacts import your address book into your SMS account. Create groups to categorize your contacts accordingly and then upload your existing contact list in excel “save as excel 97-2003 template".

Step 3: Select your desired SMS message recipients. If the message is intended for a specific group, just select the group name. You can also paste a list of the numbers you want to send to.

Step 4: Type in your bulk SMS message and be sure to keep checking to avoid exceeding your preferred SMS limit. Personalize SMS for recipients by inserting custom information fields easily, from your contact list. You can also include a link to measure your Return on Investment.

Step 5: Send or schedule the text message.

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Bulk Texting / Bulk SMS is the most cost effective and low cost marketing tool for increasing business from existing customers