An advertisement sent via bulk SMS messaging network is known as a bulk SMS advertisement. In Kenya, there are millions of mobile phone users, and a bulk SMS advertisement can help you reach a diverse audience. Furthermore, because the advertisement is brief and precise, it is more likely to be read.

Bulk SMS advertising allows you to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to mobile marketing. It is less expensive than other forms of communication such as posters, radio, or television, which can quickly deplete your advertising budget. This is a fantastic technique to boost sales in your company, whether you're in real estate, publishing, manufacturing, or any other industry.

Some of the ways one can use Bulk SMS for advertising

  • Bulk SMS marketing is an extremely effective method of communicating your brand's message to customers.
  • Bulk SMS marketing does not necessitate any special skills in order to send your marketing campaign messages to subscribers. You only need to create an engaging text message that will engage customers and drive them to your business.
  • Savvy bulk SMS assists in increasing sales and customer loyalty. Bulk SMS messages can be scheduled for a specific time and date, allowing consumers to be targeted at the right time with the right information.
  • Personalized bulk SMS services add value to your company.
  • Bulk SMS marketing is affordable for all businesses, large and small.
  • In Kenya, bulk SMS is regarded as a trustworthy mode of communication. Within the first three minutes of delivery, 98% of bulk messages and 90% of SMS are read. Bulk SMS marketing is without a doubt effective.

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Bulk Texting / Bulk SMS is the most cost effective and low cost marketing tool for increasing business from existing customers