Insurance sector being one of the oldest and well established in Kenya, has to acquire a modern means of reaching out to their clients of whom they have dealt with over years and also the new ones. Bulk SMS services is not only for Insurance businesses to communicate or update about insurance premium other insurance policies and services. Also, any Insurance agent may buy this Bulk SMS services.

Payment reminders:

To limit the amount of money clients who fall behind on payments owe, they must pay their excess, which may result in their policy being cancelled. So that they are always up to date on how and when they need to pay, a series of reminders can be sent via bulk SMS.


When discussing the terms of your premiums, having a face-to-face meeting with the insurance agent is very important, and no one wants their time wasted. As a result, SMS can be used to avoid missing meetings or to schedule meetings.


It's usually a good idea to let your customers know about any additional deals you have. This manner, a client may be notified through SMS if they desire to use more services. Many insurance firms also provide discounts to customers who purchase numerous insurance packages.

Ratings for services:

When it comes to growth in any firm, customer input is critical. As a result, setting up a feedback system through SMS will provide clients with a rapid method to assess the service, and agents will be able to use this information to their benefit.

Claim updates:

The process of having your claim reviewed and getting confirmation can be lengthy, and you can keep your customers updated on the claim's status at each stage to make them feel less anxious. For example, you can tell the customer as soon as you get the claim.


Demonstrate to your consumers that you are a caring provider. By providing out information that can assist in reducing the number of claims. Consider the following scenario: Tips for safe driving

Text for quote:

You may send an SMS to your clientele for promotional reasons, informing them that they can text you for a quote. For example, text the word "car" to 32321 and our representative will contact you right away to set up an estimate for your vehicle.


You may give your clients links via SMS to find out where your firm is located or how many branches it has and in what locations, using Google Maps. When customers submit claims, you may also provide them the location of certified service providers or service centers, depending on the kind of claim.


Bulk SMS for insurance provides more assurance. It has been established that better and more consistent communication between businesses and their customers results in a better experience, favorable customer feedback, and increased customer lifetime value. Offering these extra perks might persuade clients to stay in the highly competitive industry of insurance, where clients are continuously seeking for a better price.

Reach out to your clients

Bulk Texting / Bulk SMS is the most cost effective and low cost marketing tool for increasing business from existing customers