How to Make the Most of Bulk SMS Gateway:

There are two types of SMS gateway services: transactional and promotional.

Transactional SMS API gateway is used for various alerts like order confirmation from the e-Commerce web site, OTP confirmation from the user, transaction alert, SMS from bank, bus reservation alert, providing alerts and crucial information to users/clients/employees.

Advertisements make use of a promotional SMS API gateway.

Bulk SMS marketing has become the greatest because its the cheapest marketing strategy.Savvy SMS Gateway is the top Bulk SMS Service provider in Kenya, so give it a try. We offer an SMS gateway API that you may use to integrate with your bulk SMS platform.

When you create an alert/notification campaign, you will be given an API URL with parameters for all of the custom variables you specified in the text message.

SMS gateways enable applications and platforms to send bulk SMS in Kenya automatically from the system.Its a game-changing move that will make it easier for developers to create custom apps and integrate systems with Savvy bulk SMS.

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Bulk Texting / Bulk SMS is the most cost effective and low cost marketing tool for increasing business from existing customers