Bulk SMS is the most convenient approach to communicate with and engage your consumers by delivering important information, announcing product-related news, or expressing the value of your product. This allows you to reach a large number of customers. Bulk texting allows you to send SMS messages to mobile phones practically anywhere on the planet. The strength of this service is built on the fact that it allows for quick and easy two-way SMS conversation that may span boundaries. This service is an excellent choice for any company that wants to interact with clients all over the world or in specific target markets.

Bulk SMS applications may be used to send advertising messages, alerts, stock exchange data, weather updates, news updates, mobile banking, transaction information, and a variety of other relevant and helpful data to clients. You can provide your consumers with any information you see necessary. You may even organize exciting and engaging winning games or voting campaigns, as well as collect valuable client feedback for your products and services. So, in summary, Bulk SMS service offers nearly limitless options for advancing your business and marketing activities toward your objectives.

Bulk messaging is an automated process: first, choose the best bulk SMS Marketing Platform provider, then supply a list of mobile phone numbers, bespoke text to be sent, specific recipients (if applicable), and delivery date and time. When you choose your provider, for example, if you choose Savvy_SMS, we will take care of the whole messaging management process and outcomes once you supply us with all of the following data. Bulk SMS is perfect for direct marketing, email marketing, and newsletter promotion, but it may also be used for SMS newsletters.

If you haven't already filled out your client database with mobile phone numbers (relevant consumers and target groups for your business), we propose amazing SMS winning game applications like SMS Quiz, SMS Voting, SMS Points collecting, and so on. Bulk SMS software is only one component of your effective CRM (customer relationship management) initiatives that can propel your company forward and generate revenue.

Although the number of instant messaging services is expanding, SMS remains a common feature on every mobile phone. This service and smart tool do not rely on the Internet to function. It can link anybody, anywhere, using any mobile phone, smart or not. And, because mobile phones are today's first-aid information and communication equipment, being able to reach people wherever they are in seconds is essential. And the simplest and most efficient method to take use of this capacity is to use a Bulk messaging service. So, if you aren't already utilizing Bulk messaging, you should start now, and the first step is to choose the suitable service provider.

You just need to do a few steps before starting a successful mobile marketing campaign:

  1. Select Bulk SMS application
  2. Choose numbers from your contacts database
  3. Write custom text message(s)
  4. Select individual recipients (if any)
  5. Schedule date and time for sending SMS
  6. Filter mobile users by different criteria (gender, age, place of residence, etc.)
  7. Monitor the speed of the conversion process and follow up with a new campaign

How Bulk SMS Sending Service Works

  • Upload Contacts & Contact Info:

    Upload Contacts i.e. Phone Numbers and Contact Info e.g. Name, Account Number, etc via a Spreadsheet such as MS Excel. Uploaded Contact Info can be used to Send Personalized Messages to Contacts by using Variables in the text Message

  • Compose bulk SMS Message:-

    Write the Bulk SMS message that you would like to send out, there is an option of including variables in the SMS message body based on uploaded contact info e.g. Name or Account Numbers
    Then add the phone numbers of the recipients of your bulk SMS message.

  • Schedule the bulk SMS Send Time(s)

    Pick A Time and Date when you would like the bulk SMS to be sent. You also have the option of Repeating the bulk SMS sent at specified times and dates or repeating the bulk SMS on a regular interval e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or Yearly.

  • Preview, Confirm & Send bulk SMS:-

    Preview the bulk SMS Message, Correct any Identified Errors and confirm text Message for Sending. This allows you to catch any errors in your bulk message in advance.

  • View bulk SMS Outbox and Delivery Reports of Sent bulk SMS:-

    View your bulk SMS outbox to see a list of sent bulk SMS messages and their delivery reports. You also view and manage scheduled bulknSMS e.g. delete or edit.

Reach out to your clients

Bulk Texting / Bulk SMS is the most cost effective and low cost marketing tool for increasing business from existing customers