Types of Short Codes Services

short codes services in kenya

At SavvyBulkSMS we offer three different kinds of short codes:

  • Platinum numbers - short codes made up of four numbers, such as 2222, 5555, and 8888; religious numbers, such as 786x; and special business numbers, such as vision 2030 and 5040.
  • Golden numbers - These are short codes that begin or end with three digits, such as 2227, 1117, 8880, 4000, and so on.
  • Normal numbers - These are short codes that are not in the above categories.

The short code categories listed above are further subdivided into two:

Dedicated Short code -

This code is held independently by the client and can be connected to a database to deliver a response to a request or query for specific information.

It allows for up to 1000 key phrases and may thus be used for a variety of activities dependent on the demands of the customer.

Shared Short Code -

These codes are owned by the PRS Company that offers the SMS service and rented to other businesses or people. In comparison to dedicated short codes, they are less expensive, simpler, and less expansive. For example, SMS marketing campaigns or offering information to clients at request.

Although the service is free for businesses, every client who asks information will be paid a fee that will be split between the company and Savvy Bulk SMS LTD.

Short codes, which are essentially direct response mediums, enable consumers to send SMS messages by dialing a 4-digit number. They are more easily remembered and typed.

Simply said, by allowing people to send a message to a short, simple code increases their likelihood of engaging with the marketing campaign.

Various Uses Of Short Code

Voting can be done via the Short Code. For example, viewers may be able to participate in their favorite program by SMS voting.

Can also be used to receive extra information from the public when they text questions into the database.

When combined with bulk SMS, the service may be used to send out public messages where polls and surveys can be conducted.

Short codes can be used to subscribe to content, such as games or music.

The same channel, when combined with bulk SMS, can be used for business, such as advertising goods and services.

Proposed Investment

  • Short code - A client will purchase a short code service from one of the country's most powerful networks, such as Safaricom, using the same phone number. This will enable you to attract a larger clientele as a result of this. The customer will increase awareness of this service.
  • SMS pull service (SMS mt) - We recommend using the SMS MT Service, which would allow clients to send messages and be charged after receiving a response to the material requested at conventional SMS rates or premium rates, such as KSHS. 10 per SMS. The general public will submit messages to a specific short code, such as 5650, with their questions, complaints, or ideas. The communication is provided at no cost to the subscriber.

How The Sms Service Will Work:

  • The client will send a message containing the specific question to a short code, such as 52505.
  • The SMS is then sent to the operator's SMSC via the GSM network. Where credit is verified by the Operators (Safaricom).
  • The SMS is then sent to Savvy bulk SMS Limited servers, which are then directed to query the client Database, which is hosted at the clients' offices.
  • For every SMS received via the short-code, an automated response will be generated.
  • Informing clients of the message's receipt.

Management Portal

We shall develop a management portal for the client, some of the default features of the web portal are: -

  1. Login details for users – for confidentiality
  2. Daily Reports interface – displays the total number of SMS received and sent.
  3. A method for tracking the quantity of SMS requests.
  4. Viewing the incoming SMS message in the case of a service request Any new features that are requested can be incorporated.

Savvy Bulk Sms Limited Roles

  1. SMPP connectivity: Savvy bulk SMS Ltd will provide direct connectivity to Safaricom. This is capable of handling large volumes of SMS.
  2. Short codes: Savvy bulk SMS Ltd will provide the short code for running the service.
  3. Technical Support: Savvy bulk SMS Ltd will provide the technical support.
  4. Backup Log: Savvy bulk SMS Ltd will keep back-up of all transaction Logs.
  5. Updating online reports and Emails: Savvy bulk SMS Ltd will give client access to secured web-based reports to monitor traffic.


  1. Develop and implement a marketing and awareness campaign for this service.
  2. Pay the short code's monthly code leasing cost.

Cost of SMS - Integration

This is where we'll build an SMS service system that connects to all networks and allows the public to send and receive messages, which will then be saved in your database. “Service” refers to the “Short Messaging Services (SMS)” capability that Savvy bulk SMS will provide in accordance with the Customer's application. Safaricom and other licensed Network providers are referred to as "Network" Providers.


This is the fee that the subscriber will be paid each time they send a message. The user or the customer is in charge of the costs. Any message sent to your system may be charged at standard SMS rates or at a premium rate, such as KSH.10.

 Bulks SMS Services in Kenya

Qaulity of Short Code Services

Savvy bulk SMS is responsible for designing and implementing the premium rate competition service, as well as loading the service onto its software suite and providing the customers with the statistics required on the SOF.

Savvy bulk SMS will do everything possible to ensure that there are no delays or problems in the services; nonetheless, the customer undertakes not to hold Savvy Bulk SMS liable for delays or failures caused by network provider inefficiencies.

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